Turmeric Tang Marinade & Stir-fry Paste


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Perfumed infusion of FRESH Turmeric root, ginger & mango with a hit of chilli & spice. Perfect for seafood & vegetables - (Med-Hot)


Gluten, nut and diary free and absolutely, positively natural!

Gold Medal, Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards-2015         
Bronze Medal, Hobart Fine Food awards-2016
Silver Medal, Sydney Royal Fine Food Show- 2016


Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh. Chilli, Fresh Turmeric (13%), Organic Dried Mango, Ginger, Coriander, Spices Sea, Salt.

Serving - 180g pouch is sufficient for 1.5-2kg poultry/seafood/veg (approx. 8 serves).

How to use:

Veg - In a hot pan stir-fry veg such as mushrooms & spinach, or steamed/boiled veg (cauliflower or cabbage) with the marinade. Alternatively add halfway through roasting vegetables.

Poultry/ Pork - Marinate for 45mts (min), cook on the BBQ or sear in a pan & finish in hot oven. Alternately, stir-fry protein with veg for a quick & healthy meal. 

Seafood - Marinate Fish/Prawns/Scallops/Calamari (20mts) & cook on BBQ/pan. Cook Mussels/Clams in a deep pot with marinade, add a little white wine or coconut milk and finish with fresh coriander & a squeeze of lemon.

Other Uses

Dressing - Incorporate with olive oil for punchy salad dressing.

Flavouring - Add the marinade into hot oil, stir for half a minute & add to lentils or soup. Alternatively allow tempering to cool & mix with tomatoes & greens (lettuce/wild rocket) for delicious salads.

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