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Charisse C (I Ate My Way Through)

With SpiceVine’s marinades, it was easy to prepare a delicious meal. The only difficulty was deciding what ingredients to cook with, as each marinade can be used in a range of different ways with meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Thankfully, each marinade is packaged in a pouch complete with cooking suggestions.    

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Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Judge (J. W. - Victoria)

At the Royal Agriculture Society of Victoria's Fine Food Awards preserves blind judging there were certain products that jumped out as exceptional. I have just found out via the RASV site that the person behind many of these is Anup Arora, owner and creator of  SpiceVine in Sydney. We awarded his brand nine medals - 6 of them golds.

In my opinion his palate is exceptional and we all remarked on the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The shelf life of the products is up to 6 weeks using quality fresh locally sourced spices and herbs. They also happen to be dairy free and gluten free. I hope that someone will stock them in Melbourne. For now I will order online.


Yumi Stynes -  Sydney, NSW
Just wanted to let you know that I think your products are amazing!  My favourite is the Garlic Gluttony Marinade which I squeeze onto fresh salmon fillets for a no-fuss, delicious and fresh fish fry-up!             

First class all the way  (Karen -Tasmania)
I have tried all the products and find them to be excellent. We love Asian food and none of these disappoint. The flavours are beautifully balanced, the packs are well sized, extremely versatile and convenient to use. They have become a staple in my kitchen - a real time saver and still allow me plenty of scope to be creative. The results, from simply grilled chicken to a complete, multi-dish meal, are applauded by my family and friends. I am very impressed with the service as well - my orders arrive promptly and packaged in neat cool bags with cold packs to keep them fresh on their trip across Bass Strait. It is a pleasure to have such easy access to a truly first class range. I have no hesitation in recommending that you try these - I'm sure you will be delighted.        

Love, love, LOVE this stuff!  Trish (North Shore)
I love chopping and grinding and creating but it's not always feasible to spend hours in the kitchen - this range has literally changed my life. I use the mirch masala to spice up roasted veggies, stir fry mushrooms with the turmeric tang, chilli line smash with fish. A particular favourite when a particular friend comes over - prawns stir fried with the turmeric, absolute perfection! The best 'convenience food' ever!        

Addictive! (Lili T - Warriwood)

Absolutely addicted to SpiceVine products!! Just became vegetarian this year and I'm so glad I ran into SpiceVine as the different spices make my vegetarian dishes heavenly. It's hard to choose a favourite but I decide on Garlic Gluttony. Its perfect for my Broccolini and Tofu stir fry...think I can have it everyday!!!

Fantastic product (Denise - NSW)
LOVE using the marinades for easy, flavoursome and healthy meals eg simply marinade a salmon fillet with eg the chili-lime smash or coriander zing, bake in foil for 10 mins or so and whamo, it's so yum I feel like eating it every night! Thanks Anup for producing these great marinades.                    

 Marinades that change lives!(Di S. - Willoughby, NSW)
I've been buying Anup's products for a couple of years now and they feature on such a regular weekly basis in our meals that it feels like Anup is somehow part of our family. My oldest son recently left home and every Sunday I aslo pass on packets of marinades for him to take home for quick after-work dinners. The flavours of the products are quite unique and they are fresh and natural; and the best part is that most of the work for a really tasty meal is already done for you (and with so much care and attention!). Some of our favourites are to add coconut milk to the Chilli Lime Smash for a brilliant version of a green curry, grill chicken marinated in Coriander Zing, oven-bake fish coated in Mirch Masala - the Masala is also great stir-fried with shredded silverbeet and mince, and finsihed with fetta and coriander. I seriously could go on and on - thanks Anup!    

Magic - so much flavour but so simple to use (Kate Southam - Sydney NSW)
From my own version of smash potatoes using Coriander Zing to a Curry Leaf Crush mince that takes seconds but that everyone from children to us oldies adore or painting lamb chops with Mirch Masala for the BBQ - using the Spice Vine range makes creating delicious, healthy but interesting cooking so easy. I love the pouches with their screw top lips and the fact I can freeze them for later use - not that they last too long. A wonderfully creative companion for veges, poultry, seafood, fish and meat.    


Writing a site review as I can't decide on one product  Rach G (Vic)

Every single products is amazing and yet different from the other. The flavours take my cooking to a whole new level but with no incremental work. What keeps me coming back is how fresh, uplifting and real the flavours are. Most products are mild enough for even my youngest (4y). I love the fact that you keep away from preservatives and food colours and use Olive oil. Thank you and keep up the great work!