SpiceVine - Handcrafted and absolutely positively FRESH!

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SpiceVine featured in the November edition of Nourish Magazine 

SpiceVine - Handcrafted and absolutely positively FRESH!  


SpiceVine is a family owned, small and proud producer of hand crafted contemporary gourmet foods based in North-shore NSW. The SpiceVine range includes Marinades/stir-fry pastes, Simmer Sauce Kits and Relishes.

SpiceVine products are a harmonious blend of fresh herbs and quality spices prepared to maintain their natural, vibrant flavours with minimal processing and no additives; absolutely, positively natural!

The SpiceVine range of products capture the pure flavours and health benefits of spices and herbs and are unique from the moment you open the packaging. The natural, fresh and vivid flavours, textures and aromas are derived from our preparation ethos. We keep it simple and small, as you would in your own home.

The ease of use and versatility makes them ideal for the novice or accomplished cook seeking a healthy and delectable meal!

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We live by our mantra… Pure. Vibrant. Delectable.

- Only NATURAL ingredients

- Small batch preparation to retain FRESHNESS of produce

- Nothing artificial (colours, flavours or preservatives)

- Made using predominantly local Australian ingredients (average over 85%)

- Australian owned & operated business