RASV - 2015 Melbourne Fine Food Awards

August 13, 2015 1 min read

Very honoured and proud to have all our products win medals at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015...
√ Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce KitCoriander Zing Marinade
√ Curryleaf Crush Marinade
√ Chilli-Lime Smash Marinade
√ Mirch Masala Marinade
√ Turmeric Tang Marinade
2 Silver 
√ Kokum & Co Marinade
√ Spice Medley Marinade
1 Bronze
√ Garlic Gluttony Marinade
Just some of the judges' comments:
Butter Chicken: Great representation of this, and a sensational product, really well loved and we wanted more
Coriander Zing: Very fresh and well balanced seasoning.
Chilli-Lime Smash: Great take on chilli lime theme. Real ingredients make for freshness , complexity and length.
Curryleaf Crush: Lovely fresh ingredients. Well balanced.
Turmeric Tang: Complex and generous marinade. Great use of dried mango to integrate and balance flavours. Terrific.

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