Spice Medley Marinade & Stir-fry Paste

A symphony of dry roasted Spices, Coconut & Lentils to flavour BBQ meats, curries and rice dishes - (Mild)

A marinade with a complex array of harmonious and rich Indian flavours. High in fibre, protein and iron.

  • Great on red meat as well as poultry – marinated lamb chop, beef strips, chicken breasts - makes scrumptious meatballs or sausages when worked into some beef/lamb/pork mince. 

Gluten, nut and diary free and absolutely, positively natural!

Silver Medal,Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards-2015
Gold Medal,Hobart Fine Food awards-2014
Bronze Medal,Sydney Royal Fine Food Show-2014,2013


Ingredients: Water, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Fried Onions (Onions Vegetable Oil), Organic desiccated coconut, Spices, Lentils (2 types), Tamarind paste, Tomato paste, Sea salt.

Serving - 180g pouch is sufficient for 750g-1.5kg poultry/seafood/veg (approx. 6 serves).

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